Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aleatoric Music

Aleatoric music is defined as music where part/all of the composition of the music is left to chance or to the whim of the musicians.

Steps to creating such a "game" could be as follows:
  1. Gather musicians/instruments into a room.
  2. Select one of the musicians to be the "Composer."
  3. Make a series of cards which are adorn with symbols that have pre-determined meanings. The symbols would signify general musical ideas such as: "play something fast," "play something low," "slow the tempo," etc.
  4. The Composer would collect the cards and begin presenting them (at their discretion) for the other musicians to play to.
The results of this would be Aleatoric music.

Here is the link to the John Cage piece that I showed in class:

Here is a link to an Aleatoric water instrument video:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Media Game

Title: Quik Pix

Description: Spell "I LUV NEW MEDIA ART" using photos of signs outside, around campus.

Objective: To be the first to spell "I LUV NEW MEDIA ART" and return to the class room.

Rules: The letters have to be photographed in the correct order. More than one letter can be captured in the same photo as long as they are in the correct order. Each photo has to be taken of a separate sign. The photos have to be taken of signs that are physically attached to the campus (no photos of car license plates, blimps, t-shirts, etc.)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Show and Tell

Title: “Window Over the Kitchen Sink (Complete History of the Earth – Article: 2.9144617 × 10^26)”

Artist Statement: Windows always frame a space that is separated from our immediate space. By doing this “framing,” our view out of (or into) a window elicits a perceptual distortion of what the other side is actually like (i.e. doesn’t it look warmer out there than it actually is?)… Windows crop the view, obscure with glare, muffle the sound, block the smell, and in general, insulate from that environment.
     With “Window Over the Kitchen Sink (Complete History of the Earth – Article: 2.9144617 × 10^26)” I created a “window” that exaggerates the perceptual distortions that are inherited from a window-view.

Date: 2012

Medium: Digital Photography, Installation

Dimensions: 21in X 17in X 6in

Description: It is a Photoshop composite image (of both appropriated and original photos) that is printed on translucent paper and is mounted between acrylic glass over a “light-box.”