Monday, February 27, 2012

Self Portrait

Chris Naglik - Self Portrait in One Hundred Words

I want…

To understand/empathize. – To have conviction.

To be compatible. – To be independent.

To do it right. – To do it quick.

To speak without a filter. – To be polite.

To be on a Tahitian beach. – To be in Detroit.

To remain anonymous. – To gain recognition.

To be proficient. – To know/do more.

To be on time. – To take my time.

To avoid pretension. – To create my best.

To be instructed. – To have talent.

To achieve more. – To relax more.

…to do everything possible to not contradict myself.


  1. I love how you structured your blog post! Great goals and I like the not contradicting yourself. Any partucular reason you picked a Tahitian beach?

    1. I think they look the most beautiful

  2. I agree with Meghan and think this was a great approach to the blog assignment. It can be hard to balance what we want in life and what we need.

  3. definitely the most unique way of responding to the assignment. the back and forth of your conflicting wants makes for an interesting read.

  4. This was a creative approach to your blog. I felt that I had one trait/quality, but then on the other hand I was also something else. I feel I change according to the situation and how I set my goals.

  5. I love this thought of competing ideas! Not exactly opposities but these two phrases, one after another, force tons of thought into how each would be achieved without taking away from the other!!