Wednesday, January 25, 2012

60 Sec Video

The main thing that I took away from production of the “60 second” video was how difficult it is to make an intriguing video without any post-editing. Being able to pick between different shots/moments and being able to cut clips to alter the video’s pace is such a luxury. Getting everything that a wanted from a scene out of a single take was pretty difficult. Because there was no Final Cut to fall back on and because a lot of technical things (ambient sound, focus, shaky camera, duration of the scene, etc.) are so hard to control, shooting this came with a pressure/anxiousness that I don’t find in typical video production... and I think this sort of compounds some of those technical problems.

Overall, I thought that I was a fun challenge. I found myself thinking differently about how to complete this video both conceptually and technically when compared to how I would approach other video projects. Figuring out what would be interesting to watch aesthetically for entire minute was something that I considered. I thought that filming a linear “performance” would be entertaining because I think that it implies (throughout the duration of the video) that there will be some sort of end or “effect” at its conclusion.

On the tech side, putting the scene together and figuring out the logistics of filming it was something that I enjoyed. Directing someone else to perform what I had in mind required some good communication and rehearsal, which I never had to do to that extent before. 


  1. I do agree it is definitely a challenge to not be able to edit the video like usual but it also taught me not to depend so much on editing. I don't really like shooting that much I prefer to edit but this exercise is probably a way for me to become more comfortable with shooting. I do want to eventually be great at both shooting and recording so this encouraged me to want to practice more and learn more about different shots and angle etc.

  2. It was hard not to have final cut there at my fingertips once the video was done. Editing is my favorite part of the video, so having to plan an entire composition without any editing was a challenge. I agree that I had to think differently when planning the shot and how it could be as interesting as possible.

    1. I agree that editing often acts as a comfort zone, allowing us to "fix" what we think of as being unsuccessful. However, I thought Chris had a very interesting piece because it left room for many messages and thoughts. Technology may not always work in the way we want it to, but that is a part of the experience.

  3. I have to say I agree with everyone on here so far because it was very hard not to edit the video. We are all so use to doing this that I instantly assume all clips should be edited in some way! Whether thats just taking out a piece of the video or changing the color. I might go back to my 60-second shot and play around with it in FCP to see what I could do with it. I loved your content of your 60-second shot. It was so different and unique!