Sunday, November 11, 2012

Social Media - Pre Internet

With my project Facebook Intruder, I aim to explore the permeability of online social networks (specifically Facebook) by way of a fabricated online profile. Executing this project and achieving its goals without the Internet would be impossible. The entire objective of the project is to gauge the legitimacy and pertinence of social interactions that stay online and never cross into physical interaction.

That being said, if the goals for the project were slightly altered, I imagine that a variant of it could be executed pre-internet through written letters and the post office. Who knows how often mailing a letter to a random person and striking up a dialogue actually happens, but its lack of immediacy would certainly make the line of dialogue between the parties much different than a line of dialogue between random people online. I figure doing this through mail to be how the concept of “pen-pals” was initially formed. In that regard, it’s not an unfamiliar concept.


  1. First off... I would like to note that I think your project is brilliant and entertaining. It really hits on the creepiness that we are all warned about as kids. You never know who is on the other end of a computer. How people interact and protect their own identity is very interesting to me. It really raises questions about the individual who interacts with you, which I think that you hit on when you said that you felt guilty when you did it to your own friends. A question that comes to mind, though, is whether or not the person interacting is putting forth a realistic persona.

  2. I really enjoyed your ideas for this project and really would have liked to see it grow over time. It made me think about how I would work on something, such as this. It was entertaining, and although it was experimental, it was clear that Facebook and other "friends" took it seriously. It was interesting to see how far you could go and what your limitations were. Identity is very important and the fact that you didn't really reveal who you are definitely posed questions for others. I enjoyed your documentation.

  3. your idea behind the project is really enjoyable and somthign i would love to see further explored. i really feel like translating this in to a year long project (of at least multi-month one) could yeald some intriguing results. especially if it included the faking of you made up identity's death for its ending.

    just another possibility for a pre internet edition, phone calls could server as your mediary.

  4. I actually wonder how that would turn out if you looked up a random person in the phone book and sent them a letter acting as if you already knew them. Would you get a response would they report you or play along. How far would it really go. Another thing thing that could be done is text. People post their numbers on line all the time so what would happen if you took one and randomly started up a conversation with someone. Or use one of the free text apps and text people you already know from a number they didn't recognize.