Sunday, November 18, 2012

Facebook Intruder

Facebook Intruder (2012)

With this project I created an alter ego Facebook profile. With the profile I attempted to permeate the online social networks of complete strangers. In doing so, I’ve begun to gauge the legitimacy, pertinence and availability of social interactions that stay on Facebook having never begun with physical interaction. I chose Facebook as the forum for this investigation because of it’s overall popularity as well as the relative exclusivity of it’s social networks.

Below are examples of the screens shots and descriptions that I used to document the process:

8 – Commenting on a picture of one of my newly acquired Facebook friends.

14 – Although I was taking the friend-request process much slower that I did previously with the “Ferris” profile, Facebook still eventually intervened by no longer allowing the Max Gira profile to request friends. The duration of this limitation is not made clear although all other aspects of the profile still functioned.

15 – First conversation with a Facebook friend. The friendship was terminated by the other party soon after.

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