Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final - Compare/Contrast

For my final project I decided to continue my social media project Facebook Intruder. It’s seemed obvious that there was much more to explore with the idea than I was able to do initially.

My final is called Facebook Intruder: Reign Of Giras. Contained in this project, are the combined materials from the initial Facebook Intruder as well as the new material. I think they inform each other quite well, but also, I think that it is necessary to explain the project – from inception to finish.

The largest difference between this project and my initial Facebook Intruder is how I am documenting the work. A PDF with screen shots (as I did initially) wasn’t very satisfactory. So, based on the suggestions that I received in the critique of that project, I’ve decided to print out the screen shots create a scrapbook. Contained in the book, are pasted screenshots as well as notes, explaining them.

Taking the project into a physical form was really satisfying. I think that it makes the process of the project seem more substantial. I addition to that, I think that I was able to reinforce the overall purpose and aesthetic of the project, by crafting and decorating the book.

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