Sunday, October 21, 2012

Compare, Contrast

Although they were both appropriation assignments, working on the collage and the “remix” were completely different processes, for me.

The most obvious difference was the materiality of the two. I don’t think that I’ve cut up magazines and pasted them together since grade school (I don’t really miss it, either). On the other hand, working with video is a familiar process.

The largest difference between them was that the collage assignment had a more defined objective (to create a piece that represented our strengths and weaknesses) while the remix assignment did not. Having a defined objective like that makes the creative process much easier, but at the same time I feel like the results are much more contrived.

Not having an objective for the remix, forced me to search for what the material meant to me. Ultimately, I found the footage to be very reminiscent of Cold War educational and propaganda films that I’ve seen. I think it is that sense of paranoia and dread that I get from those films that informed my piece, It’s That Time.

I’ve never vectorized images from video footage before, and I really enjoyed the process. I think that it allowed me to take the raw material from the video really far away from its source. Initially, I felt that it was necessary vectorize the images from the video because the resolution of the footage was so bad. Later, I decided to exaggerate the affect because I think that it increased the anonymity of the images, which reinforced the piece conceptually.


  1. Yea I found it much easier to talk about my strength and weaknesses. When ever a project has a direct objective it usually is much easier to make it come together. The thinking part of what topic to do your project on is eliminated. And i agree I don't really miss cutting out a magazine and making a collage myself either.

    Although the project of appropriating the video was a little challenging when it came to coming up with an idea of what direction to go in it was something more enjoyable than the collage. I would prefer working with technology than scissors and magazines.

  2. Having an objective definitely made the process easier, but I don't necessarily agree with it being more contrived. I had to search harder for material that meant something to me for the collage project, where as in the video I was just looking for the first thing that caught my attention out of the blandness.

  3. i like you enjoy some level of objective to the project, hate it when assignments are 100% wide open as i end up stalling rather than flying. however i also feel like the one in question made it harder for me at least. trying to find imagery and words that related to my self was quite hard. i can particularly relate to not missing the mess of traditional work, however i do enjoy the results of it from time to time.