Sunday, October 28, 2012


I made a Twitter profile a few months ago out of fear of no longer being “with it.” I figured that its pervasiveness into pop culture had denoted its pertinence. Every politician, musician, artist, etc. that I was interested in had an account and seemed to be reaping its benefits. Since then, I’ve periodically logged into my own account to try and get something out of it… to no avail! I continually found myself asking myself different variations of, “who cares?” or “what is the point of this?” or “what does this mean?” or “how do I do this?”

Thankfully this “Twitter assignment” has given me the opportunity to spend significantly more time with it than I had before, exploring its facets. In doing so, I‘ve begun to turn the corner with my understanding of its purposes. Before my more thorough investigation, I figured that Facebook could provide everything that I needed out of social-media websites. This leads me to my (obvious) Twitter realization… unlike Facebook; Twitter provides a streamlined forum for people to connect with complete strangers who share the same interests. It’s a great tool to find out the very latest news, facts, etc. on whatever you’re interested in.


  1. Your last sentence is the one that stood out the most to me. Because that's one thing that i have noticed the most about twitter. I can get as much information as i want from twitter. Times when i have to work late and I'm missing my favorite game or TV show. I can log onto Twitter straight from my phone and get a lot of the details about what i am missing. I remember on time the debate was on and I wasn't near a TV to watch it so i just logged on to my page and a lot of my followers were tweeting about it. And i was able to find out what questions were being asked and what topics were being talked about.

  2. hum... guess based off of this maybe I've just seen the wrong people on twitter. cant really say though that I'm any more enticed by the idea of twitter Aggregate information, my experiences with it threw Facebook have been quite a let down...

  3. I feel as though staying up to date with news and connecting with culture could be the only meaningful use for me. Especially with the associations that I am a part of. Bruce said it best when he mentioned that he can get any information that he wants and never misses anything because it is on twitter. That shows how much it really has come into play in pop culture today. However, I still find myself saying, Who cares? Too many people use it for a dumping ground of their random and pointless thoughts versus a place to make a statement and have meaningful conversation.