Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dlectricity (friday)

It’s really exciting to see an art festival can take over the main drag of downtown. It's this type of event that really elevates Detroit's "hipster" status. Detroit is more and more becoming a cultural hub of musicians, art and artists. Being an artist, who lives and works in the Detroit area, I’ve relatively recently begun to feel like is the right place to be. Events like Dlectricity reinforce this.

The installations that took over entire buildings were my favorite. In the work Visual Music by Kye Potter and Julia Dzwonkoski, video and images were being projected onto the entire face of a building. Also, the piece Work by Mark Moffett with Time Productions projected video from inside of a building onto the windows, which created a mesmerizing effect.

Aside from the art itself, what really stood out to me was MOCAD being open for a no-cover party. To see the community together, enjoying modern art, was awesome. The work that was inside called Vision in a Cornfield was very bizarre and fun to examine.

Unfortunately the rain and cold stood in the way of exploring more of the pieces (no umbrella). Overall, I think that Dlectricity would benefit greatly from being scheduled about month earlier. Exploring these pieces on a summer night would’ve been prime.

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